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 Picture of Co-Cryst Kit Scientists at Park Place Research in the UK have introduced an advanced co-crystal screening kit which is marketed under the name co-cryst. The kit has been designed to enable researchers to conduct preliminary or advanced, in-house co-crystal screens. The basic screening kit comprises 49 different pharmaceutically acceptable agents, carefully selected from the literature and from extensive experience. Co-cryst covers the full spectrum of acids, amines, amides, ureas and neutral compounds providing the best possible chance of forming a co-crystal.

Co-crystallisation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) has achieved great prominence in drug development. Researchers at Park Place Research have been very active in this area for many years and are now launching this novel spin-off product which has been developed by scientists within the Park Place Research crystallisation service group.

To help in spreading the word, further kits will be launched throughout 2011, designed for chemists to conduct designed experiments in their own laboratories, with the option of assistance from Park Place Research material scientists.

These co-crystal kits are designed to maximise a successful outcome and offer a very cost effective preliminary first-look into this exciting and very important area. Co-crystals are a real opportunity to access materials with improved physical properties (e.g. greater stability, enhanced solubility or dissolution properties). The co-crystallisation of an API can also provide highly valuable intellectual property protection.

When a salt or the parent drug does not have desirable solid state characteristics, co-crystallisation offers a highly attractive and viable alternative. Co-crystals can offer quite unique physical property benefits, since prominent intermolecular interactions (e.g. hydrogen bonding) are required and not ionisation as is the case with salt formation.

 Picture of Co-Cryst Kit A number of different techniques can be utilised in the preparation of co-crystals, for example; slurry experiments, growth from solution and various grinding technologies. Each kit comes with an easy step by step procedure on how to conduct the screen, providing examples of slurry experiments, crystallisation from solution and grinding.

Scientists at Park Place Research are also developing more advanced and tailored screening kits and are very warmly appreciative of comments and welcome interaction, please enquire and start a dialogue.

This new product introduction will advance the field of co-crystallisation into new and unexplored dimensions.

To order a kit or obtain further information:

Contact us by email or at Park Place Research Ltd., Willowbrook Technology Park, Llandogo Road, St Mellons, Cardiff, CF3 0EF, Wales, UK. Tel: +44 (0)2920362633, Fax: +44 (0)2920362644.

The launch of the kit is part of a wider range of new simplified service offerings in this area and is being introduced in partnership with Agenda 1 analytical services.

A comprehensive range of technical and analytical support services are available to compliment the succesful use of this product.

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