Collaboration with Pharmatory

Park Place Research and Pharmatory offer a new unique collaborative service for pharmaceutical Fate of Impurities (FOI) studies.

The purpose of Fate of Impurities studies are to obtain information about how impurities are derived and removed from a pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Potential impurities can be derived from starting materials or can be formed in side reactions during the process. For the removal of impurities, the detection and efficiency of the purification steps needs to be clearly understood and defined. The studies are designed to monitor and assist in the control of impurities throughout the process.

The key to this unique collaboration is the close working relationship which has developed between Park Place Research and Pharmatory in the design of the studies and the experiments. The actual experiments are conducted at Park Place Research and independently analysed and scrutinised by Pharmatory. The results are then reported and conclusions drawn in close collaboration between the two companies and the study sponsor.

We understand that to maximise the benefit and value for our clients that clear communication and dialogue are central to the successful outcome of these studies. Information transfer to and from our clients and the clients manufacturing operations or contract partners plays a key role in the overall study process.

Pharmatory is a reliable and confidential Finnish cGMP custom synthesis provider for pharmaceutical companies Pharmatory specialises in the custom contract development and cGMP manufacturing of the APIs and the key intermediates. The key components in all projects are customer intimacy and operational excellence with high confidentiality.

Park Place Research is a specialist, independent chemical process research and development organisation. Our UK based research and development centre conducts process design, development and optimisation to support the control of manufacture of active pharmaceutical products and ingredients.

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