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Park Place Research Ltd is an expert independant provider of chemical process research and development services. The company’s expertise is derived from a strong core of technical and project managerial staff which impart decades of post doctoral, process research and development experience gained in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and speciality chemical industry sectors.

The company is uncompromisingly highly technical in its aims and ambitions which are focused on the enhancement of process understanding through a greater understanding of the physical organic chemistry parameters that underpin chemical processing operations. The expedition of best available technologies, include incorporation of the latest developments in Process Analytical Technologies, process simulation and application of concepts in process intensification.

Our customers and collaborators span different scales of operation, primarily linked to pharmaceutical, agrochemical and veterinary medicinal products. In addition we conduct research programmes for flavours, and fragrances, food products and niche speciality market sectors. Through continual investments in proprietry in-house technology programmes we provide unique solutions, leveraging a broad, powerful and continually expanding technology base.

The company maintains strong links with academic institutions, commercial production operations and custom contract manufacturers. Strong professional alliances with niche technology service providers and leading expert industry consultants enable our customers to realise truly ambitious goals for robust, novel and efficient process solutions which accelerate and sustain entries of high quality products to market.

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