The Scientific Professionals at Park Place Research reinforce our Inspired approach to process R&D. The talent of our employees is what makes it possible for us to fulfil our promises. This is central to our vision.

Our dedicated team of highly experienced professionals are committed to delivering an outstanding level of service for the benefit of our customers. The Park Place team actively promote the research inspired approach which we believe helps us achieve an exceptional customer experience. Our highly talented team respect and endorse the creative and open culture at Park Place.

Our scientific project teams are involved in ground breaking research activities in first class laboratory facilities. Combined with our depth of experience in delivering to commercial research objectives and our overwhelming desire to innovate, Park Place Research are uniquely placed to provide expert solutions.

Our leadership approach reinforces our commitment to quality and excellence both internally and with our customers and partners. We believe in open and regular dialogue that fosters mutual respect. This reinforces our view that clients need to benefit from their R&D investments and it is on this foundation we will continue to build.

Our significant experience of providing and delivering research inspired process solutions to satisfied customers confirms the importance of this approach.

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