Process Simulation

Park Place Research now offers a fully integrated service in Process Optimisation. This combines expertise in automated process characterisation, process analytical technology (PAT) and process engineering expertise, the latter through HFL-Park Place, the joint venture formed with Haden Freeman Engineering Group in 2006. Now additional strength to this offering is made through the inclusion of mathematical modelling-based process simulation via an alliance with McCague Scientific Consulting. Linking with the experimental characterisation data on process parameter variation and optionally multivariate parameter empirical analysis, the simulation approach uniquely generates understanding of a process that allows for rational improvement. The overall process is illustrated by the flow-chart below.

optimisation flowchart

The methodology is especially suited to the optimisation of crystallisation-based resolution and purification processes and in the control of polymorphism. In this regard the charts below illustrate the type of graphical output of a simulation program for the crystallisation and interconversion of several crystal forms during a specified cool-down protocol.

crystallisation simulation

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