Strategic Process Research and Development

Our leading Scientists are vastly experienced and have worked in different sectors of the chemical industry. Conducting Process Research and Development strategically to provide an extensive and continuously updated process patent portfolio is a powerful tool. The correct timing of patent submissions will ensure very strong protection for the inventor, well beyond the original composition of matter patents have expired. Many customers prefer not to allow such information to enter the public domain and we also generate significant proprietary information for our customers which remains unpublished and confidential.

The importance of a coherent Process Research and Development strategy is essential since circumventing process patents is a skill practiced by many in the chemical industry, notably generic pharmaceutical manufacturing. The ease with which this can be accomplished is dependent on the amount of information in the public domain and the quality of the process patent portfolio. A process patent portfolio needs to be continually reviewed to reflect emerging technologies. At Park Place Research we offer a flexible resource which can conduct research to fill perceived gaps in knowledge or intellectual property. For further information about are IP Services Click here.

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