Single Crystal X-Ray Determination Partnership

UK pharmaceutical process research and development specialist Park Place Research and Cambridge University X-ray department (Dr John Davies) are pleased to announce a collaboration, for single crystal structural determination.

Park Place Research will use their considerable knowledge and expertise to grow suitable crystals for analysis. Once crystals have been obtained they will be sent to Cambridge University where the structural determination will be made. This service is offered on a simple basis; if we are unable to grow crystals no fee will be charged. Likewise, if the crystals obtained are not of sufficient quality and the single crystal X-ray analysis fails no charge will be made.

Dr Graham Evans, Director of Research, of Park Place Research says: I am delighted to renew our collaboration with Dr John Davies at the Cambridge University X-ray department. Previously when I was at UCB John provided us with an exceptional service and one that our current customers can now take advantage of. The collaboration fits very well with our existing expertise in crystallizations. Further collaborations and developments are planned in 2010, which will build and enhance our research and development capabilities.

Park Place Research Pharmaceutical Crystallization

Park Place Research conducts extensive controlled studies to assist in developing understanding and control of active pharmaceutical material manufacture. A range of automated laboratory reactor equipment from 50ml to 50L are used to study crystallization processes in real-time. Initial solubility studies and small scale trails are followed by studies equipped with in-line analytics, controlled dosing, agitation and temperature profiling.

In or at-line studies are conducted using dispersive Raman, ATR-FTIR and laser diffraction techniques to enhance process understanding of key crystallization events. Mixing and control of supersaturation are used to optimise the kinetics of nucleation and growth. In conjunction with key strategic partners we offer a complete service from the development of physical form analytics, polymorph and salt-screening, process research and development, formulation development and cGMP manufacture of clinical trial materials.

For further details please contact

Dr Graham Evans. Park Place Research Ltd., Willowbrook Technology Park, Llandogo Road, St Mellons, Cardiff, CF3 0EF, Wales, UK. Tel: +44 (0)2920362633, Fax: +44 (0)2920362644.

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